Zulikath portrait, drawn by FellFallow
Quick Info
Name(s)Zulikath, Zuli, Zulie
PronounsThey/them is preferred, any are okay
OrientationBisexual (or pansexual if you prefer)
Relationship statusRelationship anarchist, open/poly
LocationUnited States
TimezoneUTC-05:00 (CDT)
LanguagesEnglish, some Spanish
InterestsPolitical philosophy (especially libertarian socialist), nudism, programming (especially Rust and Go), ham radio (Amateur Extra), firearms, gardening.
AboutOpen minded, non-judgmental, exploring alternatives for living, identity, thinking, and society. Tries to be an attentive and charitable listener, a direct and concise speaker, and easy to converse with. Introverted but not shy. Wary of ideology, probably including yours, but can disagree without anger or hatred, expects the same from others.
Telegram info
PM/DM OK?Only if we share chats or you're sure it's not spam. I report spam from random people I can't identify. If messaging about a moderation or administration issue please say so and exactly which chat it is about, as I help out on multiple and it is not always obvious.
Furry info
SpeciesBlack quadrupedal fuzzdragon
RP OK?Yes! I RP mostly to socialize and mostly with friends, and while I'm always happy to make new friends, I'm not usually looking to just RP with strangers. Flist available on request with lots of details.
Politics info
Self-labelAnarchist, "without adjectives".
So are you an ancap?I used to be, but not anymore. You may find me in some ancap spaces to share insights I've picked up since being an ancap.
So are you a libertarian?Yes, in that I'm anti-authoritarian, no, in that I am not what Americans mean by that word.
So are you a communist?No, I see neither preserving nor abolishing money as ideal, but I am not anti-communist.